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Five pro School of Education Seniors Awarded for Excellence

Several prostudents were recently honored for excellence in student teaching: Mallory Hiatt, Hayden Mullett, Olivia Bergman and Beverly Winters. Anna Huggins was awarded the school’s Micah 6:8 award.

“These ladies and this gentleman exemplify the excellence, both in and out of the classroom, of Grace School of Education graduates,” said Dr. Cheryl Bremer, dean of the School of Education at pro.

Each year theselects one or more students who demonstrate excellence in their role as student teachers. Recipients are awarded a plaque and recognition for their achievements in the classroom.

Mallory Hiatt of Rochester, Indiana, was named Outstanding Future Reading Teacher.

According to Hiatt, who received anas well as anfrom Grace, her family has played an invaluable role in her decision to become an educator. Her grandmother, grandfather, aunts and uncles were teachers, one sibling is a teacher, and another plans to major in education.

As a student in Grace’s education department, Hiatt cites her practicum at Jefferson Elementary School in Winona Lake, as especially formative.

“Nothing prepares you more than learning from experience,” said Hiatt. “I got to create and teach my own lesson plans and differentiate those plans for the students. I learned new teaching styles and strategies, classroom management, handling behaviors and so much more.”

Hiatt has found the relationships she formed with her students to be one of the most rewarding aspects of the profession. “There are many stories I could share that I will never forget,” said Hiatt. “The students are the core of teaching, and their success is the common goal we all share.”

This fall, Hiatt will return to Jefferson Elementary to teach third grade with her mentor teacher, Shawn Longenberger. A former athlete onroster, Hiatt looks forward to coaching Jefferson’s cross country team as well.

Hayden Mullett, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, was named Outstanding Prospective Secondary Education Teacher. A, Mullett was inspired to pursue education by many of his educators, including his second-grade teacher.

“She was so relational and encouraging,” said Mullett. “As I entered middle and high school later on, I discovered how teachers can have an important impact on students without even knowing it.”

According to Mullett, his placement under Grace alumnus Hunter Reed at Warsaw High School was the highlight of his practicum experience.

“Mr. Reed was a great resource, helping me transition to taking over his classroom and giving me wisdom on lesson planning and connecting well with students,” said Mullett. “My favorite part of the year was getting to teach his government classes and preparing his senior students for post-graduation.”

This fall, Mullett plans to teach social studies in either Warsaw or Fort Wayne. A formerhe also hopes to coach cross country and track. Long term, he aspires to be a school administrator or a professor at pro.

Olivia Bergman of Swanton, Ohio, was named Outstanding Prospective Special Education Teacher. A dual-licensure major in, Bergman describes her second-grade teacher as not just her inspiration to pursue education but a lifelong friend.

At Grace, Bergman has found her professors to be a significant resource, supporting her as she’s progressed through her education.

“Not only did I have the chance to be their students, but I was able to work for them and see how they truly live out their mission,” she said. “The professors greatly care about their students and the future of education.”

Post-graduation, Bergman plans to teach second grade at Madison Elementary School in Warsaw.

“I hope every student of mine knows how loved they are and the value of hard work,” said Bergman. “I’m thankful to have been challenged and supported throughout this journey, and I want the same experience for my students.”

Beverly Winters of Clayton, Indiana, an, was named Outstanding Prospective Elementary Education Teacher.

Many teachers in Winters’ life have informed her choice of career, from her mother, who currently teaches, to her educators throughout childhood.

“There are so many people who have inspired me to become a teacher,” said Winters. “I think the only person in my life who was surprised I went into education was me.”

Winters says the connections she made with her students was her favorite part of her placements.

“Each student has impacted me in so many ways — from learning more about their interests, to attending their sports events, to having mini dance parties in class,” said Winters. “I have loved getting to know them and growing alongside them.”

In the fall, Winters will teach third grade at Mill Creek West Elementary in Amo, Indiana, where she attended elementary school as a child.

Learn more about pro’s School of Education at.

Photo attached:(left to right):Mallory Hiatt, Hayden Mullett, Olivia Bergman, Beverly Winters and Anna Huggins.

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